Chilly mornings

The last two days in Lexington brought temperatures with early morning lows of 36°F.  This brought a light frost to the back yard where my potted garden lives.  I was worried about what may happen to my lemon tree, but as of this morning the tree is still producing lots of new leaves and not losing any of its old ones.  The spearmint transplanted from my hydroponic grow is still struggling from the shock of the transplant as is the wolfberry plant.   I believe the ridiculously resilient mint will make it, but the wolfberry looks doomed.  In anticipation of this, I planted some extra seeds in the wolfberry pot and hope for germination within 10 days.

A stormy-sky over Lexington, Kentucky from a potted lemon tree

Staghorn Red Sumac.  I ordered twenty of these seeds and tried to start them a few months ago.  They never germinated.  Sunday, I tried boiling a few for two minutes in hopes of mimicking the effects of the the seed passing through a birds digestive track.  These seeds are planted in a small pot and germination would be viewed as a wild success.  I have a few of these seeds left and if the ones I just planted don’t germinate, I’ll add the step of scoring the seeds with a razor.

I had a relaxing time at the West 6th Brewery last night.  The fall air was cool and the Deliberation Amber was tasty.  I also tried the Smithtown Brown.  Unfortunately by that time, my customary one-beer-induced headache had already grown into an obnoxious impediment to truly enjoying the crafted brew.  The company of hopefully fervent engineers was excellent.  As I sat and conversed with friends, I could not help but be fascinated by the vision of a towering black locust tree across the street serving as gentle guardian to the congenial patrons of the evening.

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I created this blog!  It was rather easy and I look forward to sharing my adventures in life, gardening, self-sufficiency and all the other odd encounters of the days.


I was inspired to do this by a gentlemen on The Survival Podcast forums who created his own blog:  Behind Cohutt’s Fence

And now, a picture of our boys Jack and Dexter enjoying their daddy’s new containers of hopefully good-eating in the future.

From Left: Dexter, Jack, Lemon tree, Spearmint, Wolfberry, Romain Lettuce, Yellow Onion

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